About the Author

Geri Olayan was born in Iowa but soon after birth moved to California due to an illness she had. She did not grow up in ideal conditions, but she took her hardships and blessings in life to magnify her callings and talents and make her the person she is today. She is a wife and mother with 4 kids and a new husband with another 11 children from her second marriage, and more than 70 grand kids. She is a do it all kind of lady. Nothing is impossible – she has run businesses, rebuilt engine in a car, travelled to India for three weeks to sponsor a family here and many more accomplishments most people don’t even think of.

She is always serving her fellow man whether from church, family, foundations, non-profits, her job or community she always has projects and contributions. She never stops, when she sees a need, she is there to tend to it. She loves people. She loves serving.

Geri Olayan never stops learning as well. When her oldest went away to college she decided she wanted to go to college as well. Here is an example of the type of person she is. While taking classes at the local college she met a Deaf person. She wanted so badly to converse with the woman that she enrolled in classes for sign language. She made it a career for many years and still does it today. She also serves people refreshments as her job as a flight attendant. Helping them with their bags and anything else they require.

To her children growing up their favorite saying was “you are a weirdo – you are just lucky I love weirdos” they always knew we all have our weirdness but that is what makes up so special and exciting. She embraces and sees the good in everyone she meets and has never met a stranger. She has a gift to make everyone feel like they are the most important person and a gift to her. She teaches us to find the gift and good in all things.

Geri Olayan wrote this book to help those going through hardships no matter what they are and find joy in life again and make the absolute best of the situation. Perspective is everything and she can take something horrible and find a lesson. We can learn from her book, how to change our perspective and find peace and handle our trials with grace and gratitude.